Fotografx has produced a new poster for the Rwanda Tourism Board. Take a look.

Fotografx is pleased to announce the launching of the NEW 2004 edition of the Tanzania National Parks global brochure, available in 4 languages, English, Spanish, German and French. This exciting new brochure details all 14 of the national parks and will be an invaluable guide for anyone planning a trip to Tanzania. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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In mid-2001, the Rwanda Tourist Board contacted us about creating a marketing brochure and other marketing materials to use at the major world travel shows. The idea was to create a better image for Rwandan tourism, to highlight the wonderful sights and easy traveling in this magical country, and to let the world know that Rwanda is returning on the global market once more as a safe and comfortable destination. The new brochure will be launched at the World Travel Market in London in November 2002.

Take a look at the cover:

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For National Geographic, the renowned Everest climber and filmmaker, David Brashears has produced a new IMAX movie, showing now.

To accompany this film, Audrey Salkeld has written a new book, "Kilimanjaro, To the Roof of Africa" about the history of the mountain and the making of the film.
This book was nominated as a Finalist in the Banff Mountain Book Festival for 2002.
David Pluth's photographs of Kilimanjaro and the people living on the mountain appear in this new National Geographic book.

And don't forget to look at David's own new book, published by Camerapix International, "Kilimanjaro, The Great White Mountain of Africa".

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Uganda: It has been a busy time in Uganda for us. We've just finished our work on the Web Site for the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the conservators of Uganda's national parks. And, David Pluth and Pierre-Francois Didek have produced a new photography book on Uganda, called "Eye of the Storm", which was generously sponsored by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tanzania: We're running hard in East Africa these days. The FotoGrafx new brochure for Ngorongoro Crater was launched at the World Travel Market in London in 2001. It was a great success. With our photography and project management, and designed by our colleagues in Frankfurt at Gehringer! Hood, the brochure describes the full range of adventures and attractions in Tanzania's remote "Noah's Ark".

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And, in September 2002, we start again with a new round of photography for all 13 of Tanzania's national parks, including underwater photography for the new marine park. The project should occupy from 6 to 10 months and will lead to another award winning brochure and posters for the Tanzania National Parks system.

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