Communications in the developing world is a vital, and often difficult, link in getting your message across.

No matter if it is a health program, political outreach, agricultural extension, advertisements for beverages, cars or local products, it still requires a sophisticated approach to attract the eyes and ears of an audience that is daily bombarded with high quality imagery and confusing information.

We’ve helped Uganda Forestry with position papers, Save the Children with AIDS campaigns, Nile Breweries with corporate communications, Nilotica Botanicals with local outreach programs and the government of Rwanda with a national image campaign. And many more.

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We provided the images for the historic first Rwanda Telephone Book, as Rwanda charges into the future!

Take a closer look at the cover (pdf format, 240kb)

Here’s what some of our clients say...

   "We decided that the issue of forestry reform was so important that we had to communicate using the best tools available - that meant world class photos, design and printing to get the attention we needed.
    “We used photos and graphics that shouted the message. It was a small part of our budget, but it had the impact we wanted."

    "If you are going to publicise what you are doing, and you want to get attention, go for the best photographs and artwork - the extra cost is insignificant compared to the impact that it will have"
    BILL FARMER, Technical Adviser/Field Manager - Uganda Forestry Sector Co-ordination Secretariat - Email:

“There is no question that the high quality graphics have had a considerable impact on the dissemination and recognition of the Uganda forestry policy. Your photos have added greatly to the sense of professionalism and importance now emerging in the forest sector.
     DR. MIKE HARRISON, Forestry Development Advisor - Uganda Forestry Sector Co-ordination Secretariat - Email:

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SAVE THE CHILDREN wanted to create a campaign to encourage educators, medical staff and parents to reach out and communicate with children afflicted by HIV/AIDS. The campaign involved a book and a set of 9 different posters. We were proud to be able to help.
MESFIN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING in Ethiopia is a large producer , and exporter throughout the region, of truck bodies and industrial equipment. We were asked to photograph their operations and their truck line to help them with a regional campaign to explain the quality and scope of their products and to help expand export sales to neighbouring countries.
NILE BREWERIES (owned by SAB) in Uganda wanted a brochure, with a long shelf life, that could be used to communicate with government officials, serve as a source of pride for their employees, tell their environmental and social story, and still promote the products.

Take a look at some of the pages.